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InnovaGoods Compact Knife Sharpener
Sharpen your knives with the new InnovaGoods Kitchen Cookware compact knife sharpener! A very practi..
InnovaGoods Eco Kitchen Faucet
Improve the quality of water thanks to the InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies eco kitchen faucet! A water f..
InnovaGoods Egg Boiler Set (Pack of 7)
Would you like to serve already peeled hard boiled eggs? The original InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies eg..
InnovaGoods Food Safe Fridge Locker
Whether you're on a diet or sharing a flat, get the new InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies Food Safe fridge..
InnovaGoods Fresh Microwave Double Steamer
Go for healthy cooking and get the handy and practical InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies Fresh microwave d..
InnovaGoods Fridge Deodorizer
Keep your fridge free from unpleasant odours, with the help of the InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies fridg..
InnovaGoods Fridge Eco Balls (pack of 3)
Presenting the InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies fridge eco balls (pack of 3)! Very useful for improving t..
InnovaGoods Hand Press Cafetiere
From now on you can easily and quickly prepare delicious coffee with the most natural, pure and auth..
InnovaGoods Kitchen Knife-Scissors
Cut with ease with the InnovaGoods Kitchen Cookware kitchen knife-scissors! An original kitchen uten..
InnovaGoods Master Brewer Ultrasonic Beer Foamer
If you're a beer lover, discover the advantages of the new and innovative InnovaGoods Kitchen Fun ma..
InnovaGoods Meat Claws with  Brush and Gloves
You will be able to grab, hold and shred large pieces of meat with the strength of a bear thanks to ..
InnovaGoods Microwave Cleaner
Save time and effort when cleaning your microwave with the new InnovaGoods Home Houseware microwave ..
InnovaGoods Microwave Omelette & Egg Maker
Enjoy practical and easy cooking with the new InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies microwave omelette & egg m..
InnovaGoods Multi-Blade 5-in-1 Scissors
The new InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies multi-blade 5-in-1 scissors will help you in your kitchen! Pract..
InnovaGoods Multi-Purpose Silicone Gloves
Discover and benefit from a whole world of possibilities with the new and versatile InnovaGoods Home..
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